To the fans of Nicol.

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It’s with great sadness, and yet with a heart full of pride and love for a man who was a tremendous father, friend, actor, poet, writer and singer, that I must bring news of Nicol’s passing. Dad died peacefully in the early hours of the 16th of December after a two year all out, balls to the wall struggle against esophageal cancer. He gave it all he had: never gave up, never complained, maintained his wicked sense of humor to the end. His last words were ‘I love you’. I was with him, he was not alone, he was not in pain.

He leaves behind him an immense body of work: movies, stage performances, music, book narration, poetry and prose. When you saw “Jack, A Night On The Town With John Barrymore” you realised as he sang Nessun Dorma that this man could have been anything, done anything, and been one of the best. The mould is broken, we will never see his like again in the world.

He was the most honest, funny and intelligent man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing; he was my father and words cannot adequately express how proud I am of him. Before he died Nicol was able to finish the CD he had been working on, albeit slightly shorter than it might have been. In the coming month i hope to have it up here on his website.

If anyone would like to express their love or appreciation of Nicol, I would ask them to make a donation in his name -however small- to a charity for children suffering from cancer or other life threatening illnesses.

Nicol was a very private man, he didn’t want people to know that he was ill, he was hoping very much to come out the other side of his battle with “Seamus the Squamous” and bring some awareness to the plight of children suffering from the horrors of cancer in all its various forms.

Dad will live in the memory of all those who knew him, all those who were affected by a performance of his they saw, and all those he made laugh until they couldn’t breathe.

I love you Dad. Good game, sir, good game.


Some News

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Nicol has been hard at work on his music, he’s in the thick of a very creative phase. We’re trying to narrow down the selection process as he finishes the latest of several new songs early next month in the studio.
There’s undoubtedly enough material for two strong albums of original material, so the choices won’t be easy.
Nick is excited about sharing his music, he gave a small benefit concert last year for a local boy who suffered brain damage in a motorcycle accident and it really made him happy to use his music to help improve the quality of someone’s life. The positive feedback he received really spurred him on to keep creating, and hopefully very soon we can get the first album up on the website.
Thanks for being patient with us!



Torrent Update.

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The Arturo Ui torrent is back up, should have Bofors Gun back up shortly. Once you download, please help seed until we get enough seeders going. I believe i have a copy of The Reckoning here too, which i may upload as well if it’s not available to purchase anywhere.



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This is Luke Posting on Val’s admin acct as i seem to be having a problem with my account at the moment. I apologise for the lack of activity here, i moved back to the states and im working very long hours and as im about to move again, i dont have an ISP set up. So it’s taken me a little while to get around to checking up on things!

Regarding the torrents, Bofors Gun, Ui and The Reckoning- I have found someone willing to torrent them for me, should any of you wish to do so as well I can try to send out a few copies.
I apologise again for the delays, my time is so limited right now, but in the next few months that should change.

Thanks for your patience,


PS i have the interview ready to be uploaded soon as well, so keep an eye out for that!



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Time is fast approaching for the interview, which should be up in the next 10 days. So if you have any questions to add to the list of questions so far submitted, now is the time to let me know!
Apart from that, ill be uploading the audio recording of Nicol’s one man play “Jack, A Night On The Town With John Barrymore” in the same time frame. I’ve also located a tape of at least some of Nicol’s performance at The White House, and when i get that converted to CD, I’ll be putting up some excerpts.



News On Updates

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Work on the site has been going slowly over the holidays, for which i apologise. While some of it has to do with technical difficulties I’ve been experiencing here in Greece, at least as much has to do with the fact that Dad (that is to say Nicol) and I have been having such a good time down here that work has become somewhat secondary to the enjoyment of life and good company!

I do have some promising news, however, and that is that in the next few weeks I will have completed a video interview with Nicol and several videos containing excerpts of almost all his movies, including the never before seen Berthold Brecht film Arturo Ui.

Also the next few months will see more music, prose, poetry and photographs of Nicol’s including audio clips from The Hobbit, Jack- A  Night on the Town with John Barrymore, a reading of selected Lawrence Durrell, and other tidbits I’ve been able to dig up. So keep checking in, and thanks for visiting our newborn website!

All the best,



Hello world! It’s been a while but Nicol has been sighted in London, Amsterdam and now in Basel …

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What the hell is he up to now? Where has this guy been?

Those of you who appreciate Nicol Williamson and his artistic endeavors have now come to the right place…

Welcome to Nicol Williamson’s blogsite! Here you will find out where Nicol has been, what he is doing and what plans he has.

Described “as the best actor since Marlon Brando” , known for his powerful speaking and singing voice and other fine talents, Nicol Williamson is now making great music. Stay tuned!