Jack: A Night On The Town with John Barrymore

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“Jack” was a one man play, written and performed by Nicol and directed by Leslie Megahey. It played in the West End of London at the Criterion Theatre, and was critically acclaimed. It then moved to the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles where it ran for several months, before finishing on Broadway.
Here then is the unexpurgated audio version in 15 parts. I’m uploading the first seven parts now, and the rest over the next couple of days.


The Beckett Piece

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Samuel Beckett was a legendary Irish dramatist, writer and poet. His most famous play was probably “Waiting for Godot’ but he wrote many plays and books and also poetry and prose. He and Nicol became very good friends, and this work is, in part, a recounting of their friendship.


A Reading of Lawrence Durrell’s ‘La Valise’

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This is something Nicol did for fun, as he loves Durrell’s work. He nipped into the studio one afternoon a few months ago and brought this back, I thought I’d share it with you, hope you Durrell enthusiasts will enjoy!


Other Hobbit Clips

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As requested, Im putting up these clips back up, so you can hear the audio quality of the torrent Hobbit files.


Torrent link

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My thanks to Gary, who was kind enough to post this torrent link in the comments section, so ill put it here if anyone wants to torrent it, as this recording is no longer available, save maybe through E-bay.

torrent link

The Hobbit

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In the early 1970’s, Nicol was approached by Demi Demetriou and asked if he would undertake a recording of the Hobbit for Decca records. Nicol has a true love for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and was excited to work on such a challenging solo project.
A lot of people have expressed an interest in both a re-release and in an unabridged version, but so far there is no movement in either direction. Nicol actually is strongly opposed to an unabridged version, in fact he re-edited the original script, removing many ‘he said, she said, said so and so’ etc, relying on his vocal character performances to convey who was saying what to whom. He really prefers that to an over-reliance on descriptive narrative, and feels it keeps you more in the story.
We were talking recently about his doing the same thing with Lord of the Rings, I think he would enjoy recording it immensely.

*note: I had uploaded several clips when i stumbled upon these YouTube videos painstakingly done by RingsradioDrama, so I’ve embedded them instead. My thanks to him, I’m sure you will enjoy listening to the lot!

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The Hobbit Part 1 of 3

The Hobbit part 2 of 3

The Hobbit part 3 of 3