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Comments on Update ... the greatest actor since Marlon Brando. (John Osborne) 2014-03-01T01:58:52Z http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?feed=atom&p=225 WordPress By: clair mcpherson clair mcpherson http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?p=225#comment-3926 2009-07-13T20:54:33Z 2009-07-13T20:54:33Z I am a professor of medieval studies at NYU and Fordham College Lincln Center, and a life-long NW fan. Thank you so much for this site! The best acxtor in the world indeed; saw him in Inadmissible Evidnce in the early 1980s, and all his movies.

Clair McPherson

By: David Bullock David Bullock http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?p=225#comment-3883 2009-03-25T13:06:20Z 2009-03-25T13:06:20Z OK, since nobody else is asking:

* will you please agitate for a re-release of The Hobbit?!
* will you please explain how you approached the task of abridging The Hobbit? (ie. how to choose what to keep and what to discard)
* what did you think of Peter Jackson’s interpretation of The Lord of the Rings? Did you also think he took a dive on the identity/nobility of Aragorn and that screwed up the rest of it? (for crying out loud, Gandalf HIT Denethor?!)
* would you consider recording at least the departure of Frodo and Sam from The Shire up to their departure from Bree? (abridged, please) and the sacking of Orthanc with Pippin and Merry lounging around smoking Southfarthing leaf? (I’ve never been inclined to take up smoking, but if I did, it would have to be with a pipe).
* which other of your performances would you recommend to someone who only knew about you for The Hobbit?

By: Mark Hockley Mark Hockley http://www.freewebs.com/markhockley/ http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?p=225#comment-3881 2009-03-24T19:54:33Z 2009-03-24T19:54:33Z Really looking forward to all the new stuff. Keep up the good work, Luke. And please pass on to your Dad that it might be worth considering taking a glance at some new film scripts!! In fact, come to think of it, I have a great part for Nicol in a script of my own. Now I just need to find a few million to fund it!!