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Comments on Some News ... the greatest actor since Marlon Brando. (John Osborne) 2014-03-01T01:58:52Z http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?feed=atom&p=260 WordPress By: Emma.Luten Emma.Luten http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?p=260#comment-6474 2012-01-19T17:20:59Z 2012-01-19T17:20:59Z Sounds so beautiful!!! Miss you both Nicol and Luke!! Where can I find you and hear more???

By: Justin Philpott Justin Philpott http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?p=260#comment-5844 2011-07-17T01:08:23Z 2011-07-17T01:08:23Z I just listened to Autumn leaves… wow… wonderfully rich voice somewhere between Sinatra and Loui Armstrong! I should certainly like to see more and to pic up an album or two for relaxed listening. Would love to hear live too… 🙂

All the best and keep creating!!

By: Graham Thomas Graham Thomas http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?p=260#comment-5761 2011-04-28T15:12:45Z 2011-04-28T15:12:45Z Hi
I was at the concert held in Lindos and had a great night with my wife and friends, Also was fortunate to meet Nicol in Sinatras Bar Lindos and had an interesting conversation. We took a video of the proceedings and have it saved on a dvd.

By: Joe Jamfrey Joe Jamfrey http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?p=260#comment-5631 2011-02-08T15:55:44Z 2011-02-08T15:55:44Z It is fantastic to see that Nicol is still performing, almost 14 years after his last film. I am looking forward to the new music, and any more future updates. He may not be acting anymore but he is still sharing his wonderful talent with us all. Thank you Nicol.

By: Bill Jarvis Bill Jarvis http://www.nicolwilliamson.com/?p=260#comment-5566 2011-01-05T01:48:31Z 2011-01-05T01:48:31Z Happy New Year, Luke and Nicol
It was a real honour to work with Nicol in Hamlet over 40 years ago.
Nicol could improve the quality of people’s lives on and off stage. He was a good friend to many people, including the whole cast – specially those playing small parts.
More recently “fame” hasn’t been as generous to him as his talent deserves. But so what? Your story of the benefit concert typifies the man. He is and will be great – for ever.
I look forward very much to the first album and expect a spectacular “comeback”!

Bill, Japan