from The Reckoning

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Some recent snaps

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still more..

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As a child

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And more..

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And more

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More pictures

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News On Updates

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Work on the site has been going slowly over the holidays, for which i apologise. While some of it has to do with technical difficulties I’ve been experiencing here in Greece, at least as much has to do with the fact that Dad (that is to say Nicol) and I have been having such a good time down here that work has become somewhat secondary to the enjoyment of life and good company!

I do have some promising news, however, and that is that in the next few weeks I will have completed a video interview with Nicol and several videos containing excerpts of almost all his movies, including the never before seen Berthold Brecht film Arturo Ui.

Also the next few months will see more music, prose, poetry and photographs of Nicol’s including audio clips from The Hobbit, Jack- A  Night on the Town with John Barrymore, a reading of selected Lawrence Durrell, and other tidbits I’ve been able to dig up. So keep checking in, and thanks for visiting our newborn website!

All the best,


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