Other Hobbit Clips

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As requested, Im putting up these clips back up, so you can hear the audio quality of the torrent Hobbit files.

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  1. Tim Fisher said,

    February 13, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Thanks, these excerpts will do a lot to promote the quality of the original recordings… in the hopes that with the upcoming Hobbit film somebody will see the light (or is it the shadow!?) and bring back from invisibility the brilliant sparkling talent of Nicol Williamson’s reading.

    I just got in the mail my copy on LP and read the notes by the “adapter and director” a Harley Usill that the original plan was to do it on 6 LPs not 4 but they had to cut it down further. Let’s hope that the fuller version gets produced on cd (and if you want to know, I would love a DVD version with Nicol just reading… his expressiveness is not, of course, confined to mere vocalization!!!)


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