A Note About This Site

This is not a fansite. This site is Nicol’s desire to stay in touch with his fanbase and share his work, past and present with them (you!). Nicol is not terribly web-savvy however, and has asked me, (his son Luke) to implement and tend to the site. Nicol will be doing video interviews from time to time for the site, and i will be attempting to work all your questions into those videos for him to answer. I will also be throwing up FAQs on a soon to come FAQ page.
Nicol wants this site to be as interesting and entertaining as possible for you, and you can rest assured that your comments and questions are passed to him.
At the moment ive moved on to working on some poetry and prose of Nicols, and then we’ll be filming the first interview.
All this will be done in the next 4-6 weeks.
There are still many more photos, film clips,audio clips and other tidbits forthcoming, so bear with me as i wade through it all and get it up on the site.
All the best,
Luke (and Nicol!)